what price for a swimming pool?

You benefit from a budget of 15 to 50 000 dollars to acquire the pool of your dreams? In this price range, you can indulge yourself with an inground or semi-buried pool. Traditional manufacturing or factory, swimming pool in the shell, equipment levels, size of the pool … Rates depend on many criteria such as above ground pool review to take into account before jumping into the water.

From 15,000 to 50,000 dollars, that’s a nice budget for a new pool. No need to limit yourself to the above ground pool, the semi-buried or buried pool is offered to you, for a perfect integration into the landscape. You can then ask it yourself or choose in shell, two solutions to lower the bill. The budget will go up if you opt for a model manufactured in the factory and assembled at home by professionals or if the pool is entirely made in your home. Dimensions of the pool, equipment level (heat pump, LEDs, filtration ..), materials used for the edges or the beach … Many elements will then play on the price of the realization, it may to be multiplied by two.

From 15,000 to 50,000 dollars: anticipate the swimming pool project
Prepare your project carefully. For swimming pools of more than 10 m2 and less than 100 m2, you must fill out a form of preliminary declaration of work and deposit it in town hall (beyond 100 m2, you need a building permit). It is necessary to anticipate its project, taking into account the time of manufacture, delivery and of course installation. Most of the time, it will be necessary to call on a digger who will dig the hole in which the pool will then be installed.

The choice of the manufacturer / installer is also very important, reminds Arthur Choux, marketing and communication manager of the Piscinelle group: “Check that the latter is in possession of the ten-year guarantee (of the current year), which will preserve you If it is part of the FPP, the Federation of Pool Professionals, it is also a guarantee of seriousness because it must respect a certain specifications.Finally, in recent years, there is a label , the Propiscines label: in order for the manufacturer to benefit from this label, it had to commit itself to respect obligations in terms of information and customer service, quality of work, safety and preservation of the environment This is a real plus for those who want to build their pool.

An inset pool, the easy option
With this budget of at least 15,000 dollars, you can choose a swimming pool. Entirely molded in the factory, the pool consists of a shell of light and resistant synthetic material (Polyester, vinyl, fiberglass …) will be delivered by truck crane in one piece, as Michel Houel, CEO of Generation Pools, one of the European leaders in the shell pool: “This type of pool requires little work on site, once the hole is dug, our professionals will put it on a bed of gravel, backfill, assemble the filtration system and possibly put the copings, no need for liner, the pool is already waterproof and ready to dive in just three days. In addition to these advantages, this type of very resistant swimming pools can take a very large number of shapes and sizes, is not likely to run away, accommodates most types of terrain (rock, clay, ..) and requires no purchase of consumables (change of liner for example). Small flat: without exceptional transport, the size of these pools can not exceed that of the road gauge (11 x 4.3 m, except specific assembly planned on site), with an average size of 8 x 4 meters.

For this budget, we can have: a swimming pool in shell Generation Pools of 50 m2 very equipped with a heat pump, a roller shutter, a swimming against the current and beautiful stone edges (from 20 to 40 000 dollars) .
Or a pool in the shell of the range ‘sport and well-being’ of 43 m2, with a shell in two parts to delimit a swimming area and a wellness area (massage, aquabike): about 40 000 dollars.

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