Tips To Clean The Interior Of Your Car

Keeping your car like the first day is possible; you just need a little elbow grease and a few tricks. Washing your car at home with its domestic products offers very big advantages especially from the financial point of view! So here are all our tips to give your coach a new look.

First of all, it is advisable not to wash his car in full sun, prefer a shaded corner.

To protect a minimal environment and save money prefers natural products to those specific that you find in the trade. Some tricks for better use:

  • Clean windows and windshield with dishwasher detergent mixed with white vinegar. Rinse and perfect with a newspaper stroke to shine.
  • Clean windscreen wipers, less traces on the windscreen! Moisten a cloth with a little water and white vinegar and put it on the squeegees. Wipe them with a clean sponge.
  • wash your body with black soap or linseed oil soap. Rinse with water vinegar to remove traces of limestone!

Caution: cleaning the car should never be done in full sun, rather shade!

  • make your car shine with a 9/10 mixture of Vaseline and 1/10 of alcohol to burn. Then take a dry cloth and you’re done! It is therefore possible to wash his car without water!
  • Summer rhymes with mosquitoes on the headlights, the grille and the hood. To remove them, put a cloth soaked in water and baking soda in tights. Rinse and then apply a little oil (olive, sunflower, peanut) on the treated parts.
  • A little linseed oil on the bumpers and they will be like new!
  • Does your car have some scratches? Camouflage them with a pen designed for retouching, after passing a little rustproof. The color code of your car is marked on the left front door, with tire pressure


To remove stains on your benches, use a mixture of 2/3 of soda water and 1/3 of vinegar. For really tough tasks, you can use an ecological stain-removing soap.

For leather seats, you can pass a micro fiber cloth or cotton soaked in milk cleansing milk or baby milk (focus on lanolin products). Be careful; do not use water on the leather! As a last resort, consider beef oil (more expensive).

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are also effective on tasks.

Chewing gum, ballpoint pen or lipstick can be removed with household alcohol

Always rinse thoroughly to avoid the aureoles


For your carpets just shake them up and the trick is done! Unless your pet has decided to leave hair everywhere, you have to use a car vacuum, click here to find out! In this case use a rubber glove, rub it in circles is magic! You can also use a slightly damp cloth glove.

For traces use the same mixture as for bench jobs.


Simply use water and soap with a sponge for plastics. You can use a brush for little nooks and crannies. Think about flushing! For your electronic equipment, simply take a rag.

Use a toothbrush for ventilation grilles, they sometimes need it.

To lighten your plastics, you can use a cloth with fabric softener, olive oil and linseed oil (as effective for exterior bumpers, but not especially for the gear lever and the wheel).


Washing your mirrors and windows is very important for driving comfort

Wash your windows with a mixture of white vinegar (you can mix it with hot water). Use a micro fiber wipe (or sponge) and then finish with newspaper. Be careful if your chassis are aluminum forget the white vinegar!


You can also use alcohol to burn with newspaper for your windows.

If your headlights are very dirty you can brush them with a little toothpaste, flush the result is convincing!


Place a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar on the squeegees, then wipe with a clean sponge.


The ultimate trick to wash your body, eliminate gnats and others is down or sticky! Insert a cloth or sponge into a stocking or sticky, make a ball and soak in a mixture of water and soap or baking soda.

So wash the outside of your car with. Rinse your bodywork, you can do it with very slightly vinegar water to avoid limescale stains.

Black or linseed oil soap is also ideal for washing your bodywork.


A little bit of baking soda in your ashtrays and you’re done!

For a good smell in your car hang a clay pebble in the mirror on which you will put a few drops of essential oils, much less chemical than commercial deodorants!

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