The Importance of Sleep to the Brain

It cannot be denied that sleeping is a vital need for our bodies. This demand occupies one-third of the life of each person. While we sleep, our body secrete important hormones that help metabolize and store the energy needed for daytime activity and growth, helping the brain reorganize information in a systematic way. Besides that, it also establishes and strengthens the long-term memory of the brain as well.

You probably know a lot about bed pillows for side sleepers or person who sleeps in many different positions to have a good sleep. However, you really understand the importance of sleep to your body and brain as well. We will now explore this issue together with the article below.

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Improve memory

There is an amazing fact that your brain continues to function even when you sleep, in a process called merging with reality. Then, your memory will remind the knowledge you acquired when awake. Therefore, the sleep helps you to improve your memory naturally.

Enhance your creativity

While you are asleep, the brain continues to consolidate the memories, organize them as well as amplify your emotions, which makes your feeling stronger than ever. Furthermore, a study by Harvard University and the Boston University found that it would also help boost your creativity as well.

Enhance your ability of concentration

The fact is that the lack of sleep causes adults to be tired and lethargic, distracted, but in children, lack of sleep makes them tend to be hyperactive. A study in 2009 by the Pediatrics magazine found that the children at the age from 7 to 8, who sleep less than 8 hours per night are distracted, neglected, hyperactive and impulsive.

Support the nervous system

A nice sleep can reduce the stress and nervous tension. It also helps you to control the blood pressure as well as the blood cholesterol levels better.

In contrast, the lack of sleep is one of the main causes of emotional distress, depression, or anxiety and impatience. So, when you see that everything around you becomes stuffy, let’s look for a balance in your sleep.

Some tips for a good sleep at night

–    Go to bed and wake up in time.

–    Do not sleep over in the morning as well as leave the bed, brush your teeth and wash your face as soon as you wake up.

–    Go to sleep as soon as you have signs of falling asleep like yawning and blurred vision. Do not try to resist the sleepiness.

–    Do not read books that are too interested and attractive in the evening or watching TV while lying in bed. Avoid quarrels or stressful arguments and forget about the worries of the day.

–    Do not use stimulants such as tea, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, vitamin C and so on in the evening.

–    Do not have dinner too late and remember to chew lightly, do not eat too much and let’s drink a glass of milk in the evening.

–     Do not play heavy sports in the evening; before going to bed, let’s take a warm bath, massage lightly for the comfortable feeling.

–    The bedroom should be airy and quiet as well as the bed and pillow are soft enough. Plus, there should not be too much light when sleeping.

–    Avoid the abuse of sleeping pills and keep in mind to use only when necessary and after consulting a physician.

In short, the sleep is extremely necessary for the body to grow and adapt to its environment. Along with a reasonable diet, you should also consider and maintain a timetable for proper sleep to have a stable development of the body.

Lastly, for children, they should sleep at 9 pm and maintain a sleep time of 12 hours a day. For adults, they need to go to bed before 12 am, and it is better to sleep from 7 and 8 hours per day, which is perfect for a healthy body. Finally, wish you had a good sleep and good health to work effectively in your life. If you have questions about issues related the sleep, please visit our website for more useful information.

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