Notes on Using the Table Saw Safely

For carpenters as well as the work of making wooden products, the best portable table saw becomes an indispensable tool with its flexible cutting capabilities. The use of reasonable and safe of this saw is extremely important for all workers because this device is regarded as a major tool in their work.
In addition, the risk of using the saw and other hazards are entirely possible, but we absolutely can predict as well as to avoid these problems if you concentrate and be careful during use. The article below gives you some tips to help you prevent the possibility of an accident while using the table saw, ensuring your own safety and those around you.

Labor Protection
First of all, remember to wear safety glasses, goggles or a full face shield when using portable table saws. Secondly, you should wear a mask so that you do not have to breathe dust in the air when cutting. Besides that, you should also wear ear protection against noise when operating the saw as well.

Wear non-slip shoes to avoid the risk of falling into the saw blade when the saw is running.
Using push sticks when pushing wood

When the cutting width of Rip fence is greater than or equal to 6 “(15cm), use the right hand to push the cutting object through the entire table. Use the left hand only when adjusting the direction and do not push the object with the left hand.

When the width is from 2″ to 6” (5-15 cm), use the push stick to support the work.
Using “Rip fence” – keep it straight and parallel to the saw blade
Keep “rip fence” parallel to the saw blade so that it will prevent the wood from sticking to the saw blade or throwing back.

The costume
Do not wear gloves when running the saw as well as avoid long sleeves, ties, accessories or loose clothing, and so on. All of them can be entangled in the saw blade.

The position of the body does not align with the saw blade
Thanks to that, the user can avoid being hurt by sawdust, chips or something like that. It’s kind of off to the left.

The saw blade must be sharp
Replace or sharpen the blade when the saw is worn out or chopped. Using a bad saw blade produces smoke when cutting and it is easy to throw the wood back because we try to squeeze the saw blade.
When the width is less than 2 “(5cm)

The push stick can not be used by the barrier.
Using “auxiliary fence-work” to support and push blocks of material
Use a block when the cut is too short

Height of blade
The saw blade should be slightly higher than the material. However, it does not exceed 6 mm in height. When you accidentally swung your hand out of the wood, it makes only a small wound, and you will not lose your arm.
Other Notes
1. Do not talk and chat while you work, focus on the work that is going on.
2. Do not touch the back or top of the saw blade if it does not stop completely.
3. Do not take the saw blade when the saw is not completely stopped.
4. Disconnect power before replacing saw blade or machine maintenance.
5. Make sure the saw stops when adjusting the saw.
6. After adjustment, make sure that the saw blades are free and do not trap any objects before turning on the power.
7. Check if the material does not have screws, screws, etc. before cutting into the wood. They can all turn into bullets and causing danger.
8. Do not adjust when the saw is running.
9. If the material is too long, you should use a hand saw to cut and avoid danger.
10. Only when the wood runs out of the saw blade, the job should be finished.
In conclusion, when it comes to professional carpentry, the portable table saw is a necessary tool that the carpenters have to use every day. Besides, there are many accidents due to improper use of table saws. Therefore, the article above will help you get enough knowledge to get the safety at work. Good luck!

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