Learn English by yourself? Why not?

Learning English is a long and hard trip? You must be tired when reading a big book, going to English center and doing a load of exercise with teachers. Everything seems to be complete to you, right? Have you thought about learning English by yourself? Why not? These are some tips which help you learn English by yourself.

Grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.

1. Set a goal
Setting a goal is considered as a motivation for you to learn English. Without the goal, you can be lazy, “I can learn tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. Setting a goal means you can draw a time table which divides the time and spend one of them to learn English. You can spend 20 minutes to 2 hours/ a day to learn English. You can sit in front of the table 20 minutes to focus on the book, another time; you can learn English wherever you want. It can be when you ride a bicycle, walk in the park, take a shower.

2. One grammar a day
English grammar is not much as you think. However, by focusing on grammar too much, you turned English into a boring subject. Grammar is not important in communication, but it is necessary. It helps us understand all the meaning of sentences, choose the suitable form for the different situation. In fact, Grammar helps us avoid the effect of the mother language.
Instead of taking a book all day, you should spend 5 minutes and choose one grammar problem to learn. After 365 days, you can know all of the grammar of English.

3. Five vocabularies a day
Do be greedy; you just need to remember five vocabularies a day.
With a word, you need to remember the letters, then how it is read. How to put your teeth, your tongue, lips. You can hear its sound on your dictionary, then try to repeat.
Next, What is its noun, verb, adverb and so on. Try to find its form. That is a good way to use the word in different ways.
Reading the word until you do not need to think about it, but can speak it natively.

4. Listening every day
Listening is the most difficult and important skill. For beginners, do not be hurry to hear a conversation. You should find the structure and vocabulary before starting to hear. When you have more vocabulary, you should try to guess the meaning. If you are a beginner and try to guess the meaning, I would say it is not effective. For example, in a conversation, there are a half of new words, how can you guess the meaning. It takes you a lot of time, but can not bring you the most effective result.
Take a short conversation with 10 to 15 sentences. Then, you can find the meaning of new words, the structures and try to hear after that.

5. Speaking
To learn speaking skill, you can learn by heart some popular sentences. Every day, you can choose five popular sentences to learn by heart. You can hear how the natively speak from the tone, pronunciation.
Then, you can hear some short conversation on the internet, listening and repeating is the best way to help you make friend with a new language.
During your listening process, you can repeat what you hear with an imitation of the tone. That is also a good way to have a native voice.

6. Enjoy English communities
There are many English communities on the Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can enjoy one of them. There are many things you can do with that forum such as chatting English, receiving documents, giving a question. Sometimes, you can find the native speaker who can help you improve your English.
In conclusion, these are some tips which help you learn English at home. After this article, you do not need to spend the time to English center, just do follow these notes, I make sure your English skill is more and more developed.

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