How to find the best air conpressor?

Nowadays, in the globalization period, the market has more and more developed, and we can easily go shopping. More products, more brands, styles, functions bring us many options, but that also confuse use when making the last decision. Like other products in the market, Air Compressors are provided by many brands with different styles and functions. That explain why you may be confused when trying to find the Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. What are your requirements?

What are you going to use the air compressor? Industrial with heavy-duty machinery or odd jobs at home? You may want a piston compressor with a tank if you are going to use it for powering heavy-duty machinery. Or you will get a portable compressor without a tank when you tend to use it around the house for some small job such as caulking gun, inflating tires.
– In fact, you should consider the pressure and volume that you need for your tools when working. Obviously, some heavy jobs will need more pressure and volume. In this case, you need to choose a compressor which is large enough and can provide power for the heavy-duty tool. If you choose a smaller air compressor, your work efficiency can be decreased.

2. Piston or portable compressors

The air compressors provide use two kinds: piston and portable compressor. The piston compressors have a motor which builds up air pressure; they also store compressed air in a tank while portable compressors are quite convenient without any tank. They will keep running to deliver air.
– For piston compressor, they come with two types. The single-stage compressors have just one piston and top out at around 150 psi. Two-stage piston compressors have two pistons to deliver the air pressure and top out at about 200 psi. Besides, single-stage compressors are used for more heavy-duty applications at home. The two-stage compressor is used for industrial setting.

– Portable air compressors are lighter than the piston. You can use it for powering caulk guns, glue guns, spray guns or inflate tires.

3. Horsepower of the air compressor
Normally, a range of horsepower ( HP) on an air compressor is about 1.5 to 6.5 HP. You also find bigger HP capacity, but they are not popular for the family. With for small job, we do not need to require much horsepower as industrial.

4. Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM

HP is not the only one factor that you can consider when buying an air compressor. CFM is also a measure of volumetric flow. Depending on the psi of the compressor, CFM can change. It means with different psi; two tools will not necessarily have CFMs that add together.

5, Space and portability

Is there any store in your house? Is there any big space that you can put the air compress in? If you have a piston with a tank, you may use a longer hose with a higher capacity, in this time, a space in the garage is necessary. However, if you get a portable air compressor, you can roll, lift it off around, you do not need a big space for it.

6. Power source
An air compressor can be powered by electric and gas. Therefore, you should consider what is the best for you. If you have the luxury of electricity at all time, you can take an air compressor with an electric motor. However, if you work in the environment without electricity, it is better when you get a gas air compressor. Besides, gas devices are also more power and stronger, so you can buy these for the heavy jobs.

In conclusion, these are some tips to help you find the best air compressor. What is your using purpose and are you ready to get one of them. Hope after reading these tips, you can make the last decision for your family.

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