How To ChooseThe Best Work Boots for Standing and Walking on Concrete All Day?

It is the holiday season, so there are many temporary jobs out there. Many require manual labor. This can be assisting a mail route to working with a landscaping company selling Christmas trees. In order to do both of these jobs successfully, you need to have a pair of work boots for standing all day. Here are my top four choices and why they work.

How To Choose Work Boots For Standing?

After reading reviews, go to the stores and try them on. Bring proper socks and orthotics if need be. If you know you will be wearing thick socks, then bring a pair of thick socks. If you do not like thick socks, then bring a pair of sneaker socks with you. Remember, boots should be snug but never tight. Also, try them on with your orthotics. You do not want for the boots to fit too tight or too lose; they will if you do not wear your orthotics with them.

Things To Look For When Purchasing Work Boots For Standing
Support. Support. Support. Sturdy. Look for those four ss and you will purchase a great pair of work boots that will allow you to stand all day. You want support for your arches, support for your ankles and support for your back and knees. You need for the boots to be sturdy because if you are standing all day, the you need for them to be well put together.

What’s The Best Way To Use This Product?

If you know you will be on your feet all day. It is the Christmas season, and as I previously stated there are numerous temporary jobs out there that require heavy labor. If you are working one of those positions, then you need a good pair of work boots even though it will only last for 6 weeks or so. They are well worth the investment.
If you are working for a mail courier company, then they sometimes provide you with a pair of work boots, but if not then take a look at these ones. I carefully picked out the top four that I believe will work for the position. They offer great support and are sturdy. Those are the two things you really need to look for when shopping for the best work boots for working on concrete all day.

Same thing for working in landscaping or at a nursery for Christmas trees. These work boots will get muddy, but many of the boots I picked out can. I made sure that they will last for longer than 6 weeks, because what is the point of purchasing if they can’t?

Any Controversy?

The only controversy is that you may not agree with the brand of work boots I choose. Remember, all boots fit different people in different ways. You may love Nike, but I find them to not support my foot enough. The controversy is to agree to disagree and just get on with our day.

Prerequisites To Using This Product?

I would want to make sure that you have the correct socks prior to trying on the work boots. Also, if you have any orthotics from your doctor, make sure to bring them with you when trying on the work boots. You will get a better feel of how the work boots will feel when standing on your feet all day. If you do not have the orthotics with you, then do not bother trying on the work boots since they will not fit correctly. They may end up being too tight, or even too loose.

The 2 Best Work Boots For Standing

1. Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe
I used to live in Sketchers when I was in high school. Every year in the fall I bought a new pair, and then in the spring when I destroyed them, I purchased the same exact pair. That is how much I loved them. True love never dies and that is why I included these Sketchers on my list.

These work boots are great for everyone who is on their feet for long periods of time. They have an alloy toe, but are not heavy or bulky which is a win win for anyone who wears alloy toe work boots.

These modern looking work boots meet the ASTM F2413-2011 electrical hazard protection safety standards. This means less injuries for those who work in electrical professions.


• Sporty appearance with a lace up front for easy on/off access
• Can be sprayed to make water resistant
• Affordable
• Best of the best Skechers alloy toe work shoes for standing all day
• I do not recommend for heavy duty work

2. New Balance Women’s Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe

So Sketchers were high school, well New Balance have been the shoe of choice since I was 18 (well over a decade). New Balance provide me support and comfort. I can walk around New York City or run my 5K’s in different versions of their shoes. That is what I love most about New Balance – their versatility at creating shoes.
These Men’s MID 626 are no different. They are sporty and sturdy, just what you are looking for. The make a high quality shoe that is lightweight and even more comfortable.

If your job requires both mobility and safety, then these are the boots for you. They have an IMEVA midsole so you can run from job site to job site (or take a bike – whichever is easiest!).
This sole offers flexibility so your foot moves naturally, but still has firm cushioning. I feel as though I am writing contradictory sentences, but New Balance makes contradictory shoes! Your foot is taken care of, but not restricted or confined. Just safe.

The sole offers non-marking and is slip resistant. If you work on concrete all day, then these are your dream boots. I highly recommend these for people who are working outdoors for landscaping. You can move faster, and satisfy more customers. You will be employee of the month in no time.
• Look like a sneaker
• IMEVA is supportive and cushioning
• Slip resistant
• Priced just right for this time of the year
• Not made for those with wider feet

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