How to choose your headphones?

As we have seen, there are many models. It remains to be seen how to choose one rather than another. Indeed, the price range is immense and the services offered by the different models are very different (Read our best earbuds under 100 here). You will need to pay attention to different features:

This may seem like a detail, but from one model to another, the headphones can change completely from look. In addition to whether or not to suit your tastes, this can pose several problems. If the headphones are in-ear, they will have to adapt to the morphology of your ears or you will soon find yourself with earbuds that do not stop falling or slipping. Fortunately, manufacturers are redoubling their ingenuity to develop new materials to make them more and more comfortable: rubber, silicone, memory foam … there are many possibilities to avoid painful experiences. Moreover, the size of earphones is a factor that can prove important. If you like discreet headphones, some models will quickly repel you by their simple size.

This is the main factor that will determine your choice: what do you want to do with your headphones? Listen to music with good quality sound? You cut the world in transportation or in the office? Play sports ? According to your wishes, you will certainly not choose the same pair. If you want a quality sound, a model like the Earin seems more appropriate. They do not offer special features, but have a very good sound for headphones. To enjoy your music in your bubble, turn to a product with good insulation, which will allow you to cover the ambient noise without increasing the volume and thus protect your eardrums. Finally, to listen to music during a sport practice, you will need a few more features like those offered by the Samsung Gear IconX: total autonomy, tactile surface, resistance to sweat and others, to be embarrassed the Less possible during your workout.

The price
Price is of course a key factor when buying equipment. You can find wireless headphones at less than 20 € on the internet, but obviously they will not offer the same quality as models over 200 €. It’s up to you to see what budget you are willing to invest to buy your headphones, but watch out for too much bargains! These are fragile products whose provenance is better known.

The sound
If you buy headphones, it is above all to listen to music, whatever the conditions. Sound quality is therefore a central criterion in choosing the pair of your dreams. Although earphones suffer from a bad reputation in this area compared to headphones, some models stand out by offering a surprisingly deep and detailed sound. The membrane used for earbuds is much smaller than that of the helmets, they are much more reactive, which can be a guarantee of a much better definition of the sound while protecting your ears better. Indeed, damage to hearing is caused by the pressure of sound on the eardrums. The headphones are often equipped with small holes outside to allow the sound to escape and reduce the pressure applied to the ear organ, this ensures that they are less aggressive than the helmets.

Best earbuds in the market

Those who do not get lost: the Altec Lansing Freedom

The particularly strange design of these wireless earbuds allows to keep them in place without dropping them. Here, the battery can hold up to 6 hours in a row and both earphones are water resistant (thanks to the IPX7 standard).
Without cord, the loss of these two small cubes seems easy. No panic, the designers have added a useful function to the dedicated application. They have a GPS geolocation system that allows their search from its smartphone. They then emit sound signals strong enough to find them. Be careful, the Freedom Earbuds will react to 30 meters range. This means that you can listen to your favorite songs at this distance from the listening source. Only snag, they are a bit ugly.

The pair of Altec Lansing connected headphones will be released in the second quarter of 2016 at a price of $ 149.
To adapt: the Phiaton BT 700

The new Motorola Hint model makes them as discreet as they are comfortable. They have a battery capable of holding 70% longer than the first version. As well as a better managed volume and better sound thanks to revised and corrected earbuds available in four different sizes.

They can connect with Android or iOS to offer you an unprecedented service: voice control. You can use your voice to make a call, write a status on Facebook, interact with your GPS, and more.
The Motorola Hint + have a voice control

Another innovation: the CrystalTalk feature filters out the surrounding sounds so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. You can also adjust it to make your noises more valuable when you need to be aware of your surroundings.
In addition to being loaded with new technologies, they benefit from an original and elegant design made of natural materials like canvas, bamboo or leather. They are already available for € 129.99.

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