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  • Interior Decorative Lighting part 1
    Interior Decorative Lighting part 2
    Interior Decorative Lighting part 3
    Interior Decorative Lighting part 4

    Interior Decorative Lighting is the core for COMELY. Since the year of establishment in 1996, COMELY was leading the market trend of modern lighting by providing unique design, exquisite craft, and high quality products.

    In 2004, Comely was the first one who introduce franchise system in China lighting industry and gained great reputation. COMELY franchise system highlight “Four Bests, Four Unites”, namely, the Best Market, the Best Location, the Best Visualization, the Best Franchisee, Unite Brand Image, Unite Product Launching, Unite Operation Mode, and Unite Management Mode.

    COMELY has been always cooperating with European top modern lighting designers and launching unique, excellent, exquisite products.

    LED Professional Lighting part 1
    LED Professional Lighting part 2
    LED Professional Lighting part 3
    LED Professional Lighting part 4

    At the beginning of 2009, COMELY subtly realized that LED would bring prolonged impression to the whole lighting industry.

    Therefore COMELY spared no effort to launch LED professional production line, built optoelectronics laboratory and gathered a professional R&D and design team, and established strategic partnership with worldwide top chips manufactures like CREE, Bridgelux, SHARP, CITIZEN. Through our great efforts to study LED technique, COMELY perfectly combine LED with decorative and commercial lighting. LED Professional Lighting has become the one third pillar business for COMELY.

    Project Lighting part 1
    Project Lighting part 2
    Project Lighting part 3
    Project Lighting part 4

    COMELY offer whole set of project lighting solution.

    In the early 2004, COMELY had already participated in international lighting projects and provided lighting products to global luxurious hotels. COMELY have allied with many global top project contractors. Same as the case in China market, Shangri-La, Sheraton, Hilton, Westin… you can see our products everywhere.

    In the year of 2008, the Beijing Olympics was an exciting game to the whole country people, so is to COMELY. COMELY provided the 4.75m height giant Pipa lamp and other gorgeous lighting fixtures to the featured hotel -- Pangu 7 Star Hotel.

    OEM Part 1
    OEM Part 2
    OEM Part 3
    OEM Part 4

    Besides the original European exquisite designs, COMELY also actively cooperate with global brands by providing perfect OEM solution and service.

    COMELY obtains industrial top metal processing and surface reprocessing ability. Except glasses and electronic parts, COMELY accomplishes all the rest components, which greatly assure final quality to satisfy customer’s need. All spare parts are inspected and tested before storage so as to eliminate all quality defects and guarantee all products are well qualified.

    Meanwhile, COMELY can provide customized OEM solution to satisfy customers from different regions. Independent assembly line, independent warehouse, confidentiality agreement….all solutions can be done in COMELY.