Five great reasons for a girl to play softball !

If you are still looking a sport for girls to improve your body shape and health, I would like to mention about softball. This is one of female game which becomes more and more popular. Softball is an easy game because everything that you need before starting is just the best softball glove. So with this simple game, why don’t we try? This is seven reasons for a girl to choose softball.

1. It encourages a healthy lifestyle

The life is busier and busier, the role of women in society is also more and more important. That why there are more work, more pressure for us. A day, we must spend eight hours to sitting in the front of a computer screen which leads to overweight and many other problems. Making exercise such as playing softball, volleyball can take us from the boring office and enjoy the healthy lifestyle. Exercise, proper nutrition play a vital role in keeping overall healthy. Getting young women involved with softball help them do exercise and increases the chance of a being a healthier lifestyle.

2. It promotes soft esteem

When softball player realize how much they improve their skill and get better at sport, they can feel a sense of accomplishment. When young ladies are provided a chance to participate in a sport where they can grow and enhance themselves. Softball also gives them a unique and fun way to build self-esteem. Going hand in hand with positive reinforcement from other such as coaches and parent, they can gain confidence and develop a more positive view of themselves.

3. It help to learn goal setting

Setting a goal seems to be a simple thing, but most people does not clearly how to establish a target. Participation in softball team offers young girls a fun, practical way to learn about goal setting. They can see, experience, and find out how goal setting work. Even if the trainers do not give a concrete aim, the player can also sit together and set a goal and draw a plan how to reach that. Providing young girl a chance to learn this skill gives them with a better chance, a key for succeeding, not only in this game but also in life.

4. It provides teamwork skill

Having read an advertisement wanted to find the employer who can work well in a team? Yes, there are lots of such advertisement. In life as well as in sport, teamwork is one of the important skills that people should learn to work well with each other. Team sport, like softball, can teach you some valuable lessons about teamwork that you can learn in any environment else. To get the goal, you must work with teammates, no matter you like them or not, you must perform with them to finish the job in the best way. This is an important lesson for any young adult or girl to learn. Softball offers a “hands on” environment in that you can learn and practice this valuable skill. There will be a different level of emotion such as happiness, anger, disappointment and so on, but through of them, you can grow. That what wonderful thing that softball teach you.

5. It helps you develop time manage skill
Extracurricular activities such as softball can encourage your time management skill. Players will need to find an effective way to balance the time to get the best result. With the help from trainers or parents, they can draw a plan which enables them to handle responsibilities efficiently and besides leaving time for finish other jobs.
In colusion, these are five reasons that young girls should choose the softball to play. First, it encourages a healthy lifestyle. Second, it promotes seft esteem. Third, it helps to learn goal setting. Forth, softball provides teamwork skill and lastly, it helps you develop time manage skill. Have realized how many benefits that softball brings you? What are you waiting for, girls? Let’s start

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