Tips To Clean The Interior Of Your Car

Keeping your car like the first day is possible; you just need a little elbow grease and a few tricks. Washing your car at home with its domestic products offers very big advantages especially from the financial point of view! So here are all our tips to give your coach a new look.

First of all, it is advisable not to wash his car in full sun, prefer a shaded corner.

To protect a minimal environment and save money prefers natural products to those specific that you find in the trade. Some tricks for better use:

  • Clean windows and windshield with dishwasher detergent mixed with white vinegar. Rinse and perfect with a newspaper stroke to shine.
  • Clean windscreen wipers, less traces on the windscreen! Moisten a cloth with a little water and white vinegar and put it on the squeegees. Wipe them with a clean sponge.
  • wash your body with black soap or linseed oil soap. Rinse with water vinegar to remove traces of limestone!

Caution: cleaning the car should never be done in full sun, rather shade!

  • make your car shine with a 9/10 mixture of Vaseline and 1/10 of alcohol to burn. Then take a dry cloth and you’re done! It is therefore possible to wash his car without water!
  • Summer rhymes with mosquitoes on the headlights, the grille and the hood. To remove them, put a cloth soaked in water and baking soda in tights. Rinse and then apply a little oil (olive, sunflower, peanut) on the treated parts.
  • A little linseed oil on the bumpers and they will be like new!
  • Does your car have some scratches? Camouflage them with a pen designed for retouching, after passing a little rustproof. The color code of your car is marked on the left front door, with tire pressure


To remove stains on your benches, use a mixture of 2/3 of soda water and 1/3 of vinegar. For really tough tasks, you can use an ecological stain-removing soap.

For leather seats, you can pass a micro fiber cloth or cotton soaked in milk cleansing milk or baby milk (focus on lanolin products). Be careful; do not use water on the leather! As a last resort, consider beef oil (more expensive).

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are also effective on tasks.

Chewing gum, ballpoint pen or lipstick can be removed with household alcohol

Always rinse thoroughly to avoid the aureoles


For your carpets just shake them up and the trick is done! Unless your pet has decided to leave hair everywhere, you have to use a car vacuum, click here to find out! In this case use a rubber glove, rub it in circles is magic! You can also use a slightly damp cloth glove.

For traces use the same mixture as for bench jobs.


Simply use water and soap with a sponge for plastics. You can use a brush for little nooks and crannies. Think about flushing! For your electronic equipment, simply take a rag.

Use a toothbrush for ventilation grilles, they sometimes need it.

To lighten your plastics, you can use a cloth with fabric softener, olive oil and linseed oil (as effective for exterior bumpers, but not especially for the gear lever and the wheel).


Washing your mirrors and windows is very important for driving comfort

Wash your windows with a mixture of white vinegar (you can mix it with hot water). Use a micro fiber wipe (or sponge) and then finish with newspaper. Be careful if your chassis are aluminum forget the white vinegar!


You can also use alcohol to burn with newspaper for your windows.

If your headlights are very dirty you can brush them with a little toothpaste, flush the result is convincing!


Place a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar on the squeegees, then wipe with a clean sponge.


The ultimate trick to wash your body, eliminate gnats and others is down or sticky! Insert a cloth or sponge into a stocking or sticky, make a ball and soak in a mixture of water and soap or baking soda.

So wash the outside of your car with. Rinse your bodywork, you can do it with very slightly vinegar water to avoid limescale stains.

Black or linseed oil soap is also ideal for washing your bodywork.


A little bit of baking soda in your ashtrays and you’re done!

For a good smell in your car hang a clay pebble in the mirror on which you will put a few drops of essential oils, much less chemical than commercial deodorants!

The Methods to Help Pregnant Women Overcome Insomnia Effectively

For many pregnant women, insomnia during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon in the early months of childbearing. However, if this issue lasts for a long time, it can have adverse effects on mother’s own health as well as on the fetus. Therefore, mothers need to know the causes of insomnia when pregnancy so that they would have effective solutions to overcome the trouble.

The following article will cover insomnia in 3 stages of pregnancy process and remedies including the use of herbs, and habits change, the shaped maternity pillow and so on.

Stage 1 (first three months)
The main cause
– Morning sickness: Most pregnant women in the second month are faced with morning sickness. You will often experience very uncomfortable nausea, and it is a direct cause of sleep disturbance during this early stage of pregnancy.
– Worries: In the first stage of childbearing, the mothers face a lot of changes in the body resulting in uncontrolled fatigue, especially for first-time moms.

To overcome the habitual sleeplessness as a result of morning sickness, you should find out what kind of nausea to find the appropriate treatment. If you regularly feel tired and morning sickness, you should use herbal teas such as ginger tea, mint tea as a daily drink.

Besides that, you should also spend time learning about the knowledge of pregnancy so that there is no sense of panic anxiety about the childbearing as well as giving birth. Ideally, the pregnant women should create a comfortable lifestyle to limit and get over insomnia.
Stage 2 (from 4 to 6 months)

– Back and leg pain: The back and legs of moms are increasingly suffering from the weight of the baby, causing discomfort to you. Many pregnant women in this period also have frequent nighttime cramps. The reason is due to the increasing in weight of the fetal or the shortage of calcium and potassium as well.

– Urinary incontinence: Your kidneys work from 130% to 150% during pregnancy, which results in a dramatic increase in urea. In addition, the uterus is enlarged day by day and squeezed into the bladder. Of course, the problem above will make you uncomfortable and have to urinate quite often. Therefore, this is also one of the major causes of your sleep disruption.


In case you get frequent aches and pains and cramps, you need to move more during the day as well as do exercise lightly in the morning. At the same time, you should also ask your husband before going to bed to massage the feet with the aim to relax and reduce tiredness.

Moreover, if you suffer from frequent sleepless during the night, it is better to reduce the amount of water that comes into your body before bedtime. In particular, the beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate should be limited or only used in the morning.3
Stage 3 (last three months)
– Sleeping posture: At this stage, the biggest cause of insomnia in pregnant women is due to uncomfortable sleeping positions. Since the 7th month, the fetus has grown quite large, and the moms will have difficulties in choosing the right position.


At the third stage, the pregnant women need to find the best positions to get the most comfortable feeling whenever lying. The experts recommend that you should use a lot of pillows to support around the belly and back when sleeping. You can also buy special pillows for each stage of pregnancy: a wedge-shaped pillow (the special pillow designed for the belly on the side) or a long pillow that is at least 1.5 meters in length, which designed to support back and abdomen of moms.

Please search on the Internet for more information.

Learn English by yourself? Why not?

Learning English is a long and hard trip? You must be tired when reading a big book, going to English center and doing a load of exercise with teachers. Everything seems to be complete to you, right? Have you thought about learning English by yourself? Why not? These are some tips which help you learn English by yourself.

Grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.

1. Set a goal
Setting a goal is considered as a motivation for you to learn English. Without the goal, you can be lazy, “I can learn tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. Setting a goal means you can draw a time table which divides the time and spend one of them to learn English. You can spend 20 minutes to 2 hours/ a day to learn English. You can sit in front of the table 20 minutes to focus on the book, another time; you can learn English wherever you want. It can be when you ride a bicycle, walk in the park, take a shower.

2. One grammar a day
English grammar is not much as you think. However, by focusing on grammar too much, you turned English into a boring subject. Grammar is not important in communication, but it is necessary. It helps us understand all the meaning of sentences, choose the suitable form for the different situation. In fact, Grammar helps us avoid the effect of the mother language.
Instead of taking a book all day, you should spend 5 minutes and choose one grammar problem to learn. After 365 days, you can know all of the grammar of English.

3. Five vocabularies a day
Do be greedy; you just need to remember five vocabularies a day.
With a word, you need to remember the letters, then how it is read. How to put your teeth, your tongue, lips. You can hear its sound on your dictionary, then try to repeat.
Next, What is its noun, verb, adverb and so on. Try to find its form. That is a good way to use the word in different ways.
Reading the word until you do not need to think about it, but can speak it natively.

4. Listening every day
Listening is the most difficult and important skill. For beginners, do not be hurry to hear a conversation. You should find the structure and vocabulary before starting to hear. When you have more vocabulary, you should try to guess the meaning. If you are a beginner and try to guess the meaning, I would say it is not effective. For example, in a conversation, there are a half of new words, how can you guess the meaning. It takes you a lot of time, but can not bring you the most effective result.
Take a short conversation with 10 to 15 sentences. Then, you can find the meaning of new words, the structures and try to hear after that.

5. Speaking
To learn speaking skill, you can learn by heart some popular sentences. Every day, you can choose five popular sentences to learn by heart. You can hear how the natively speak from the tone, pronunciation.
Then, you can hear some short conversation on the internet, listening and repeating is the best way to help you make friend with a new language.
During your listening process, you can repeat what you hear with an imitation of the tone. That is also a good way to have a native voice.

6. Enjoy English communities
There are many English communities on the Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can enjoy one of them. There are many things you can do with that forum such as chatting English, receiving documents, giving a question. Sometimes, you can find the native speaker who can help you improve your English.
In conclusion, these are some tips which help you learn English at home. After this article, you do not need to spend the time to English center, just do follow these notes, I make sure your English skill is more and more developed.

How to find the best air conpressor?

Nowadays, in the globalization period, the market has more and more developed, and we can easily go shopping. More products, more brands, styles, functions bring us many options, but that also confuse use when making the last decision. Like other products in the market, Air Compressors are provided by many brands with different styles and functions. That explain why you may be confused when trying to find the Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. What are your requirements?

What are you going to use the air compressor? Industrial with heavy-duty machinery or odd jobs at home? You may want a piston compressor with a tank if you are going to use it for powering heavy-duty machinery. Or you will get a portable compressor without a tank when you tend to use it around the house for some small job such as caulking gun, inflating tires.
– In fact, you should consider the pressure and volume that you need for your tools when working. Obviously, some heavy jobs will need more pressure and volume. In this case, you need to choose a compressor which is large enough and can provide power for the heavy-duty tool. If you choose a smaller air compressor, your work efficiency can be decreased.

2. Piston or portable compressors

The air compressors provide use two kinds: piston and portable compressor. The piston compressors have a motor which builds up air pressure; they also store compressed air in a tank while portable compressors are quite convenient without any tank. They will keep running to deliver air.
– For piston compressor, they come with two types. The single-stage compressors have just one piston and top out at around 150 psi. Two-stage piston compressors have two pistons to deliver the air pressure and top out at about 200 psi. Besides, single-stage compressors are used for more heavy-duty applications at home. The two-stage compressor is used for industrial setting.

– Portable air compressors are lighter than the piston. You can use it for powering caulk guns, glue guns, spray guns or inflate tires.

3. Horsepower of the air compressor
Normally, a range of horsepower ( HP) on an air compressor is about 1.5 to 6.5 HP. You also find bigger HP capacity, but they are not popular for the family. With for small job, we do not need to require much horsepower as industrial.

4. Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM

HP is not the only one factor that you can consider when buying an air compressor. CFM is also a measure of volumetric flow. Depending on the psi of the compressor, CFM can change. It means with different psi; two tools will not necessarily have CFMs that add together.

5, Space and portability

Is there any store in your house? Is there any big space that you can put the air compress in? If you have a piston with a tank, you may use a longer hose with a higher capacity, in this time, a space in the garage is necessary. However, if you get a portable air compressor, you can roll, lift it off around, you do not need a big space for it.

6. Power source
An air compressor can be powered by electric and gas. Therefore, you should consider what is the best for you. If you have the luxury of electricity at all time, you can take an air compressor with an electric motor. However, if you work in the environment without electricity, it is better when you get a gas air compressor. Besides, gas devices are also more power and stronger, so you can buy these for the heavy jobs.

In conclusion, these are some tips to help you find the best air compressor. What is your using purpose and are you ready to get one of them. Hope after reading these tips, you can make the last decision for your family.

How to choose your headphones?

As we have seen, there are many models. It remains to be seen how to choose one rather than another. Indeed, the price range is immense and the services offered by the different models are very different (Read our best earbuds under 100 here). You will need to pay attention to different features:

This may seem like a detail, but from one model to another, the headphones can change completely from look. In addition to whether or not to suit your tastes, this can pose several problems. If the headphones are in-ear, they will have to adapt to the morphology of your ears or you will soon find yourself with earbuds that do not stop falling or slipping. Fortunately, manufacturers are redoubling their ingenuity to develop new materials to make them more and more comfortable: rubber, silicone, memory foam … there are many possibilities to avoid painful experiences. Moreover, the size of earphones is a factor that can prove important. If you like discreet headphones, some models will quickly repel you by their simple size.

This is the main factor that will determine your choice: what do you want to do with your headphones? Listen to music with good quality sound? You cut the world in transportation or in the office? Play sports ? According to your wishes, you will certainly not choose the same pair. If you want a quality sound, a model like the Earin seems more appropriate. They do not offer special features, but have a very good sound for headphones. To enjoy your music in your bubble, turn to a product with good insulation, which will allow you to cover the ambient noise without increasing the volume and thus protect your eardrums. Finally, to listen to music during a sport practice, you will need a few more features like those offered by the Samsung Gear IconX: total autonomy, tactile surface, resistance to sweat and others, to be embarrassed the Less possible during your workout.

The price
Price is of course a key factor when buying equipment. You can find wireless headphones at less than 20 € on the internet, but obviously they will not offer the same quality as models over 200 €. It’s up to you to see what budget you are willing to invest to buy your headphones, but watch out for too much bargains! These are fragile products whose provenance is better known.

The sound
If you buy headphones, it is above all to listen to music, whatever the conditions. Sound quality is therefore a central criterion in choosing the pair of your dreams. Although earphones suffer from a bad reputation in this area compared to headphones, some models stand out by offering a surprisingly deep and detailed sound. The membrane used for earbuds is much smaller than that of the helmets, they are much more reactive, which can be a guarantee of a much better definition of the sound while protecting your ears better. Indeed, damage to hearing is caused by the pressure of sound on the eardrums. The headphones are often equipped with small holes outside to allow the sound to escape and reduce the pressure applied to the ear organ, this ensures that they are less aggressive than the helmets.

Best earbuds in the market

Those who do not get lost: the Altec Lansing Freedom

The particularly strange design of these wireless earbuds allows to keep them in place without dropping them. Here, the battery can hold up to 6 hours in a row and both earphones are water resistant (thanks to the IPX7 standard).
Without cord, the loss of these two small cubes seems easy. No panic, the designers have added a useful function to the dedicated application. They have a GPS geolocation system that allows their search from its smartphone. They then emit sound signals strong enough to find them. Be careful, the Freedom Earbuds will react to 30 meters range. This means that you can listen to your favorite songs at this distance from the listening source. Only snag, they are a bit ugly.

The pair of Altec Lansing connected headphones will be released in the second quarter of 2016 at a price of $ 149.
To adapt: the Phiaton BT 700

The new Motorola Hint model makes them as discreet as they are comfortable. They have a battery capable of holding 70% longer than the first version. As well as a better managed volume and better sound thanks to revised and corrected earbuds available in four different sizes.

They can connect with Android or iOS to offer you an unprecedented service: voice control. You can use your voice to make a call, write a status on Facebook, interact with your GPS, and more.
The Motorola Hint + have a voice control

Another innovation: the CrystalTalk feature filters out the surrounding sounds so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. You can also adjust it to make your noises more valuable when you need to be aware of your surroundings.
In addition to being loaded with new technologies, they benefit from an original and elegant design made of natural materials like canvas, bamboo or leather. They are already available for € 129.99.

Do you believe that cultivation without soil and sunlight?

Currently, Japan, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, China … there are many “plant factory”. They use hydroponics technology and LED lighting has created large quantities of pure green vegetables. Production efficiency is hundreds of times higher than the outdoor plantation. These are high technologies for modern agriculture, controlling all the factors that affect plants such as light, temperature, humidity, air, microorganisms, even dust. In recent years our country has promoted this kind of development. However, many houses can not be planted due to lack of light by many high buildings. Light can be considered as the greatest challenge in cultivation. Meanwhile, LEDs have outstanding advantages. It is the best led grow light reviews. The biggest advantage of LEDs is that they can select the spectral level suitable for plant growth and development. This helps to maximize crop yields and improve the quality of agricultural products. Growing vegetables in the house using hydroponic method (without soil) and using LEDs (replacing sunlight) is a new farming model that has many benefits such as saving space, shortening growing time. Besides, It controls the environment well so it produces higher productivity and stability. Product quality is better and more homogenous than outdoor planting.
Some research evidence when growing vegetables using the first LEDs
To assess the effect of new lights on the growth of vegetables, experiments were conducted. Some primary basis show:

Do you believe that cultivation without soil and sunlight

1. Vegetable sprouts:

Experiment 1: (26/10 – 02/11/2014): Productivity of vegetable sprouts including white cabbage, red cabbage, sunflower and water spinach, harvested 6 days after sowing, using 1 set of LED NCM01 30W. White and red radish sprouts yield 4.22-4.58 kg / m2, higher than sunflower yield and water spinach under the same conditions of planting and care.
– Experiment 2: (11-16 / 01/2015): Using a set of NCM01 LEDs for the total yield of sprouts from 5.35-6.65 kg / m2. Compared to using 2 sets of 16W LEDs and non-irradiated (room lighting) from 4.92-5.02 kg / m2.
Through two experiments on vegetable sprouts, using an NCM01 LED set for the highest yield of sprouts.

2. Baby vegetables:

The crop yield (harvested 17 days after sowing) utilized the highest two sets of NCM01 LEDs (2.31 and 2.24 kg / m2 respectively of gross and commercial yields), using two low 16W LED. Control formula (room lighting) of the tree died completely at 10 days after sowing. The baby vegetable experiment , which lasts longer than the 11-day sprout, should light up two NCM 01 LEDs for high productivity. Planting sprouts should use LED light.

Baby vegetables

3. Leafy vegetables:

LED lighting time is 24/24 hours, for trees of the largest size, followed by 18/24 illumination, lower at lower illumination times and lowest at 6/24 hours (almost no growth, only survival).
Experimental leafy vegetables with lettuce, the time of daylighting with different intensity of light and spectra influenced the growth of leaf height and number of plants.

4. Growing plants and vegetables without soil and sunlight can completely become a reality:

Do you believe that cultivation without soil and sunlight1

With initial foundations, there is a need for serious projects to develop LEDs for vegetable sprouts. If there is a close collaboration between domestic LED manufacturers and biological scientists, we can confidently provide a viable crop solution in Vietnam when people is tending to increase rapidly. Scientists continue to study LED radiation and research on the use of light sources with appropriate light spectrum and lighting time for optimal growth and development to improve the cultivation of some valuable vegetables by hydroponic method. This method helps to save water, nutrients, shorten the growth time, increase productivity, quality, food safety (without washing before eating), not cause the environment pollution and produce all year round . Many scientists are working on the project “Growing vegetables without soil, and sunlight” for households and production facilities in urban areas throughout the country, as well as transfer technology in place. Hopefully, the dream comes true.

Spelled pillow, natural cervical ergonomic pillow ?

The ergonomic pillow is the result of hard work. Trying by all means to optimize sleep conditions, they pay increased attention to the cervical and physiology of the spine. For this purpose, they develop materials (memory foam, latex foams) and shapes (wave-shaped pillows, differentiated zones) that bring the pillow closer to perfection. But if the cervical ergonomic pillow is the result of technological innovations, there are traditional pillows that naturally take care of cervicals.

The spelled pillow is one of them. Besides its anatomical properties, and its physiological action, this pillow in spelled ball possesses unsuspected virtues. Let’s take a look at the muscular benefits of this organic and natural pillow.

Find out best pillow for side sleepers, click here

Spelled pillow, respect for cervicals
Spelled ball, ergonomic cervical pillow action
Lie on the side and the spelled bio pillow naturally fills the space between your neck and your shoulder! Change position and it adapts as if nothing was up to marry your curves.

In fact, whatever your sleeping position, the spelled pillow, a true natural cervical ergonomic pillow, provides the cervical vertebrae with effective support, relaxing muscles and postural sensors.

Indeed, in the cervical area, the basic muscular tone remains high despite sleep due to the permanent state of alertness of the postural sensors of the vertebral column. You should know that sensors and muscles of the back do not relax until the posture of the spine is not 100% physiological.

Visit to read more about Side Sleeper Reviews
Cervical column, risk zone for the pillow
The cervical area is for the body, high priority.
It serves first as a point of passage for the spinal cord. This highly strategic part of the nervous system, conveying nerve signals from the brain to the rest of the body, finds refuge here in the spinal canal, the space formed by the juxtaposition of the vertebrae.

The cervical spine is also closely related to the esophagus and trachea artery. From its position depend:
• The opening of the respiratory tract and the oxygenation of the organism.
• The opening of the digestive tract and the passage of saliva.
The pillow must therefore pay particular attention to the cervical.

Spelled pillow and muscle relaxation

Neck pain, neck pain and back pain
The cervical area, wedged between the head and the rest of the vertebrae, affects the positioning of the entire spine. Sensors are therefore responsible for monitoring it at all times. In case of bad position, the back muscles will take over, to minimize the impact.

That said, if they remain energized to compensate for an anti-physiological posture, they are never able to fully compensate. And the nerves, which run through their backs and touch certain distant organs (arms, shoulders, legs, etc.) irritated by this inadequate position, may transmit signals of pain at variable intensity.

Between the muscles bandaged to protect the column from a perilous position and nerves to alive due to an ultimately imperfect position, sleep is disturbed. Tension and pain, and later cervicalgia and torticollis, prevent it from fully assuring its restorative function. And transform the awakening into a journey of the combatant punctuated by aches and contractures.

For cervicalgia and torticollis, consider spelled pillows
Naturally ergonomic spelled pillow
In the scientific language of back specialists, the spelled ball is known to “stabilize the cervical spine” and ensure “perfect safety”. The spelled pillow thus promotes complete muscular relaxation and complete rest. Thus, muscular tension and “torticollis on awakening disappear totally with this type of pillow …”. A natural cervical ergonomic pillow, in short.

Cervical ergonomic pillow, total muscle relaxation
Note also that, in order to conform to the shape of the neck and the upper back, the spelled granules roll pleasantly on these sensitive areas. Moved by the changes in positions, the spelled ball flows in a relaxing back and forth and even gives the impression of a light massage of the cervical area. Which further strengthens this sensation of muscular relaxation and healthy relaxation. Or when nature conjugates the cervical ergonomic pillow to the more than perfect.

What Ukulele to choose- What size of ukulele ?

There are 4 different sizes: from the smallest to the largest: the soprano, the concert, the tenor and the baritone.

The soprano: it is the “classical” size that can be made of the ukulele. The sound is also very Hawaiian. It is very cute and often more affordable. On the other hand, attention, because it can be much more difficult to handle than the others because of its smallness, precisely. The handle is very narrow and therefore space to play, more cramped.

The concert: the classic size for a beginner. It is larger than the soprano, but remains small enough to make “small ukulele”. The handle is a little wider, leaving room to play. The sound remains “Hawaiian”. This is the recommended size for beginners.

The tenor: much wider and longer than the soprano. It is the ukulele which is played generally by the artists recognized in concert. It has a very wide neck and allows you to play not only strings, but also arpeggios (which can be complicated on the soprano and the concert if you have large hands and large fingers). It is more expensive and deserves reflection if it is chosen as the first instrument.

The baritone: it is the biggest ukulele, it can sometimes look like a guitar. It does not agree in the same way as other ukulele. Its tone is deeper and more serious than the others. It is not recommended for beginners, because the agreements found for the ukulele on the internet will not agree. On the other hand, it is a very nice instrument, and we can have fun playing it. (I have not yet tested unfortunately).
In summary: The best ukulele for beginners: the concert will suit the majority!

What price???

Especially not going to take you a ukulele for 10 € !!!! What a mistake!!! These are ukulele cheap, certainly, but that will never stay tuned and will not have a good tone !!!!
For about a 30 €, you can get a Makala, which has a very good reputation. It will be made of plastic and you can find it in various colors. It’s one of the cheapest on the market that’s worth it!

Then you have Kala who makes ukulele by very dear. They will be laminated and made in China, but the reputation of this company keeps climbing !!!! I find the value very very correct! Besides, I myself have a uke concert kala (FMC, and I love it).
A little more expensive, there are the Flea and the Fluke, always with a very good value and an excellent reputation. They are made of plastic and have a reputation for being strong.

There are Oscar Schmidt who are very good and really beautiful !!!!! These are the ones used by Ukulele Mike.
Finally, there are the Pono, a little more expensive, but all in massive wood! They are made by the very great Hawaiian brand, Ko’olau. The parts are made in Indonesia and assembled in Hawaii. There were problems with wood that cracked with the Pono, but they have an excellent guarantee. Eddie Vedder and Sophie Madeleine play Pono.
All these brands cited, make ukuleles not too expensive but while retaining a certain quality.

When searching for your uke, you must be able to keep it tuned and sound good. These brands have built a good reputation over time!

If you want to put the price, or only the best of the ukes can satisfy your desire to play well, then it will have to count with a budget of at least 500 € (and it can go up to almost 3 000 €) !!!!
There you will find magnificent instruments and especially brands that have forged the best reputation !!!!
The “K Brands” will satisfy your thirst for perfection and melody !!!
There are Kamaka, Kanile’a, KoAloha, Ko’olau and G-String. They will generally be made in solid and will use the best woods (the koa is said to be the best).

I can not tell you more about these marks, because unfortunately I do not have the means to get one. Maybe one day, who knows!
Here are just a few brands that I know, either of reputation, or for having tried. There are other brands that I do not know, surely very good brands, so do not hesitate to share between you!

The Dumpster Fire !

The date was March 22, 2006. My wife Chaene was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our 3rd child and she was HUGE! She could barely walk up the bloody stairs at our home. Must have been all that chocolate ice cream she indulged in during the previous months! Did I say my wife was HUGE? 😀 To the best of my recollection, previous doctors visits let us know that our soon to be born son would be in the 8-9 pound range!! Our daughters both weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces, so 8-9 pounds was like…are you kidding me?

Back to the afternoon of March 22. About 4pm with the whole family at home, I hear my name. Scott?? Chaene is ready. The contractions are starting. It’s time to get to the hospital. My daughters are excited. I’m excited! Chaene was excited?? Chaene was probably just excited not to be pregnant anymore!

We load up in the truck and make to 5 mile drive north from Elk Grove to Kaiser South in Sacramento. Thank God nothing unusual came about during the drive! We check in, get our room and by 5 pm, Chaene is already “gowned” up and ready to go. The doctor comes in and checks her out…”all good”…”the birth probably won’t happen until sometime next morning”. I mentally prepare myself to be in this room with my beautiful wife for at least the next 12 hours…..

During my wife’s second birth with our daughter Fallon, we discovered the wonders of western medicine. The Epidural. The labor and delivery were pain-free for Chaene! So this time would be just the same! Not a problem. Let’s fast forward to about 10 pm on March 22nd. The epidural was given, but Chaene could still feel the pressure and pain of labor. Shit! Maybe the anesthesiologist made a mistake with the dosage or didn’t place the needle in the right spot? Nope? This was going to be a difficult labor and delivery for Chaene.

The hours go by…the labor is intense and painful…but the labor was going as it should and the baby was safe. I felt so bad for Chaene. All I could do was rub her back and tell her everything was going to be ok.

At it exactly 12:55 am on March 23, 2006…my son Ben was born! He was 10 lbs 11 ounces. The doctor had to break his collarbone just to get him out! The doctor specifically told us that Ben was the biggest baby she had ever delivered vaginally.

Ben was basically already the size of a toddler! The hospital didn’t have clothes big enough to fit him and had to go appropriate them. Ha!

Alls well that ends well. Ben has turned out to be a normal sized healthy kid who is currently in the first grade. I call Ben my little dumpster fire because everything he touches, looks at or eats becomes a HUGE mess!

My wife, well let’s just say she won’t soon forget the birth of her only son, Benjamin Atticus Jones….

Notes on Using the Table Saw Safely

For carpenters as well as the work of making wooden products, the best portable table saw becomes an indispensable tool with its flexible cutting capabilities. The use of reasonable and safe of this saw is extremely important for all workers because this device is regarded as a major tool in their work.
In addition, the risk of using the saw and other hazards are entirely possible, but we absolutely can predict as well as to avoid these problems if you concentrate and be careful during use. The article below gives you some tips to help you prevent the possibility of an accident while using the table saw, ensuring your own safety and those around you.

Labor Protection
First of all, remember to wear safety glasses, goggles or a full face shield when using portable table saws. Secondly, you should wear a mask so that you do not have to breathe dust in the air when cutting. Besides that, you should also wear ear protection against noise when operating the saw as well.

Wear non-slip shoes to avoid the risk of falling into the saw blade when the saw is running.
Using push sticks when pushing wood

When the cutting width of Rip fence is greater than or equal to 6 “(15cm), use the right hand to push the cutting object through the entire table. Use the left hand only when adjusting the direction and do not push the object with the left hand.

When the width is from 2″ to 6” (5-15 cm), use the push stick to support the work.
Using “Rip fence” – keep it straight and parallel to the saw blade
Keep “rip fence” parallel to the saw blade so that it will prevent the wood from sticking to the saw blade or throwing back.

The costume
Do not wear gloves when running the saw as well as avoid long sleeves, ties, accessories or loose clothing, and so on. All of them can be entangled in the saw blade.

The position of the body does not align with the saw blade
Thanks to that, the user can avoid being hurt by sawdust, chips or something like that. It’s kind of off to the left.

The saw blade must be sharp
Replace or sharpen the blade when the saw is worn out or chopped. Using a bad saw blade produces smoke when cutting and it is easy to throw the wood back because we try to squeeze the saw blade.
When the width is less than 2 “(5cm)

The push stick can not be used by the barrier.
Using “auxiliary fence-work” to support and push blocks of material
Use a block when the cut is too short

Height of blade
The saw blade should be slightly higher than the material. However, it does not exceed 6 mm in height. When you accidentally swung your hand out of the wood, it makes only a small wound, and you will not lose your arm.
Other Notes
1. Do not talk and chat while you work, focus on the work that is going on.
2. Do not touch the back or top of the saw blade if it does not stop completely.
3. Do not take the saw blade when the saw is not completely stopped.
4. Disconnect power before replacing saw blade or machine maintenance.
5. Make sure the saw stops when adjusting the saw.
6. After adjustment, make sure that the saw blades are free and do not trap any objects before turning on the power.
7. Check if the material does not have screws, screws, etc. before cutting into the wood. They can all turn into bullets and causing danger.
8. Do not adjust when the saw is running.
9. If the material is too long, you should use a hand saw to cut and avoid danger.
10. Only when the wood runs out of the saw blade, the job should be finished.
In conclusion, when it comes to professional carpentry, the portable table saw is a necessary tool that the carpenters have to use every day. Besides, there are many accidents due to improper use of table saws. Therefore, the article above will help you get enough knowledge to get the safety at work. Good luck!