5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Lawyer and How You Can Avoid Them?

Are you looking to find a professional and reliable attorney to handle your legal issues? It might not be as easy as you think. There are some common mistakes which people commit when hiring attorneys that end up ruining the chances of finding the right lawyer for your firm. Every new firm needs a good lawyer to advice you on legal issues. Since lawyers take up a huge chunk of a firm’s budget, you need to be very efficient when hiring one. If you’ve ever hired a lawyer or are intending to hire one, you need to avoid these five mistakes:brooklyn-lawyers2

a)      Hiring one too soon

There are those startups that have a tendency of hiring attorneys before even knowing what they need from their counsel. As a start-up business, you need to establish your business first and define it before you can hire a permanent lawyer for your business. It saves on finances. If you need counsel prior to the establishment of your business, you should consider approaching a pro bono legal transactional clinic. You can find those who will help you structure your entity and help you in negotiating contractual agreements. They are a cheaper option during the initial stages of your start-up business.

b)      Believing in ”Years of Experience”

There are firms which on paper boast of having a great deal of years in relation to their combined number of experience. In most cases it does not give a reflection of their abilities but instead these firms use the reputation as a strategy to magnify their credentials. They understand that clients are after this kind of experience hence uses the hype to their advantage.

c)       Always thinking that bigger is bettercrown-michael-carnegie-versus-defence-lawyer-dirk-derstine-at-the-rafferty-trial-alex-tavshunsky

As a startup, you might be of the opinion that bigger is always better. With law firms, this is not often the case. In order to receive maximum attention from your attorney, you need to consult a medium to small sized firm. The larger firms with their lawyers may be fully engaged because of their high demand hence limiting their time.

d)      Considering cost as the basis

Cost should never be a basis when it comes to considering the right lawyer for your firm. The more expensive they are or the vice versa does not represent their proficiency. In as much as cost should be an acceptable factor when looking a good law firm, it should not be used as the main basis but instead considered as the last essential factor. You need to consider: experience, reputation and ability before bring cost to play.

e)      Waiting until when faced with a legal suite to hire one

It is always hard to find a good lawyer when you need one. The best advice is to find one early enough so that you can build relation with them. This way, you have ample time to examine them and find out if in deed they can contribute to your firm or you can get along with them.